At ONE LOVE Animal Healing it is our mission is to help the whole family by improving the lives and relationships of our clients and their pets in a positive and meaningful way that impacts health, wellness and emotional outlook. Reiki helps bring the stress levels down; so that healing can take place and bring the animal into “balance”. Using animal communication, intuitive messages, crystals and universal energy, we hope to expand people’s understanding of how animals see and relate to our human world, and to provide a better understanding of the individualized character and personality of every animal.
Miranda Cardinal

Miranda Cardinal

Usui Reiki Master / Usui Animal Reiki Master/Teacher

Born in Edmonton and raised in a few different small places in Alberta, I have always had a special connection to people and especially animals. I live in Leduc, Alberta where I share my home with cats, dogs, fish and a turtle. smile emoticon I have had a few different careers and career changes in my life; I was a full time horse trainer and at one time had my own training and horse breeding business, Journeyman Chef, Accounting and Purchasing at a few large manufacturing companies, Office management, Manager at a large Pet Store and worked on a Thoroughbred Race Horse farm for a number of years. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the many different careers I have had in the past; they still were not fulfilling to me or made me feel like I had a purpose. I knew there was something else out there that would touch my soul and give me the feeling of true accomplishment and meaning. Then I found Reiki. (or actually Reiki found me) I have discovered my true purpose in this life is to help people and animals. Reiki and the fact of finding my true purpose has changed my life and filled my soul. I have much gratitude for all of those that have helped me and stuck by my side and guided me in my journey and helped get me to where I am today. (you all know who you are!) I am so excited and grateful about my new found opportunity to help people and animals. I invite you and your animals to join us to learn and experience the awesome benefits of Reiki healing.
Love and Light to All – Miranda
Nicole Pringle

Nicole Pringle

Usui Reiki Master / Usui Animal Reiki Master / Teacher

Originally I am from Ontario, but have been living here in beautiful Alberta since 2007. Miranda and I met while working together at the Thoroughbred Race Horse Farm and we have been good friends ever since. It was Miranda who first introduced me to Reiki, and from that day on I was hooked. Reiki has changed my life in such a profound way that I never thought possible. I believe my true calling is working with animals and people to help heal and enlighten lives one at a time in a positive-loving way. I have come to realize that animals truly are wonderful teachers and we could all learn something from them if we learn to listen and respect their needs as unique individuals. I feel so blessed to be able to work with Miranda as she truly is an amazing person with such great talent! I cant wait for all the new experiences and people and animals we are going to meet along the way! Healing the body, mind and soul; ONE LOVE is here for you. We look forward to meeting you!
Love and Light; Nicole

We are a group of Psychic Mediums, Tarot Card Readers, Angel Card Readers, Healers of All Modalities. 

We are Lightworkers!! We are here to spread our light and share our gifts with you!!

On this site you can take a look at our profiles and get to know us and what we offer! Once you feel a pull or a connection to one of us you can send us a request for a reading by clicking the live chat button or Skype Button if we are online. If we are offline you can feel free to send an email to make an appointment for a future date.  

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We are a professional reiki association that features a code of ethics and professional standards of practice. Our purpose is to provide professional recognition for members at the same time we make it possible for those seeking Reiki sessions and classes to find qualified practitioners and teachers. Click Here To View More
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We live on this planet that has gifted us with so much beauty and we must not waste a moment in drinking it in to the very pores of our being. Putting a camera in my hands and looking through the lens has opened my eyes to the most divine sights. I see the splendor in everything that exists on this planet and beyond. I have only begun my quest to discover what is around me. Each day is a new adventure which brings me to living my life in the NOW which is exactly where I want to be! Click here to view more  
A Pet’s Pantry Society is a non-profit organization located in southwest Edmonton. Our mission is to facilitate partnerships with rescues to grow the community. By working with local rescues, our goal is to ease the burden created due to a lack of resources so that more funding can be directed to critical medical care. We have been working hard since November 2014 to achieve this goal and we are already making a difference in the daily operations of the rescues in our network. Between November 15 and December 31st, 2014, we were able to distribute over 2500lbs of food to over 20 rescues! The money that these rescues would have spent on food that they no longer had to buy was put into outstanding vet bills. We have been able to achieve this with the start of Edmonton’s first Pet Food Bank for rescues. We have several pet stores and veterinary clinics throughout the city that are hosting one of our Pantry Boxes for us as well as other businesses who are contributing to A Pet’s Pantry Society in other ways. We call these businesses our Corporate Sponsors.  We empty the Pantry Boxes weekly and distribute the donations to our rescues according to what each rescue needs. Our rescues provide us with a “Wish List” of items needed on a regular basis and email us with any special requests. A Pet’s Pantry Society is two-fold. The second part of A Pet’s Pantry Society is our Pawtner Program. We have teamed up with local small businesses to help them grow through word of mouth advertising and cross-promoting on social media in exchange for donations of material goods or a percentage of monthly sales/fundraisers and volunteer hours. Already, the small graphic design company that joined our Pawtner Program in January is so busy with new contracts that we have had to bring a second graphic design company on to help us with our own website and promotional materials! We know we cannot do any of this without the support of the community and we are extremely grateful and humbled by the support we have received from Edmontonians in our journey to build and establish our non-profit organization. Material donations we receive are used to fill our rescue Wish Lists. We occasionally receive requests for special items that are not frequently donated, such as pee pads. When this happens, we use monetary donations to purchase these items for our rescues which our rescues greatly appreciate. The more donations we receive, whether monetary or material, the more we are able to give to our rescues. This means our rescues can save more money to put towards vet bills rather than spend that money on pet food and supplies. In doing so, more lives can be saved and rescues can continue operating without the constant worry of how they will pay for pet food, supplies, vet bills, fuel for their vehicles, and more. With the exception of four rescues in our network of twenty-three, our rescues are small operations that are not as “popular” as the bigger ones and do not receive the publicity and funding that the bigger ones get. Therefore, being the “underdogs”, having a pet food bank to turn to is a big relief to them. Click here to view more
Intentional wellness is a personal business giving Health Consulting as an Asyra Practitioner . Click here to view more

Lisa Bardzik

RMT I became interested in understanding the human kinetic structure after I had a reoccurring sports injury, which ultimately led me to a career as a massage therapist. I graduated Turner Institure of Orthopedic Massage in 2012, and have since spent my time practicing in the Leduc/ Beaumont area. In July 2015, I became the owner-operator of Pure Essence Massage Studio. My approach to treatment is to focus on creating balance through the soft tissue, to allow optimal joint function. This is achieved through different assessment tools and varied massage techniques that I have studied throughout my years of practice. Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy and Myofascial Release are a few of the techniques integrated into each hands-on treatment. Throughout my treatments I find it helpful to inform patients of my findings, which assists in the patient’s self-awareness, and ultimately to a greater body/mind connection. I also encourage patient involvement through remedial exercise. Although I enjoy working to create balance through the physical structure, I have treated many different conditions over the years. My practice encompasses everything from stress relief to chronic illness, acute or chronic injury and I have a specialized training in Pre and Postnatal Massage. When I am not working with clients, I spend time with my family and friends. To create my own personal balance, I referee competitive swimming, enjoy music, exercise, and when time permits, a good book.

Heather Wills

completed her first year at MaKami College and is excited as she continues her journey to complete her second year for her diploma. She is very passionate about massage therapy She has a wide range of pressure which ranges from relaxation to deep tissue. With a preference of a therapeutic style with trigger point release.. She is very excited to continue her massage education to add other modalities and techniques to her range of abilities. Heather loves meeting new clients and working with them to improve their health.

Stacey Senger

As a certified practitioner, Stacey Senger has been very successful treating many clients to the positive results of reflexology. Clients have found relief from many symptoms caused by various ailments with regular reflexology and has gained special experience in treating the following conditions:

  • Sinusitis, migraines, tension and cluster headaches;
  • frozen shoulder, shoulder and neck complaints;
  • upper and lower back pain;
  • depression and anxiety;
  • infertility;
  • diabetes;
  • stress and tension;
  • carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, foot and hand problems;
  • sciatica;
  • insomnia:
  • poor circulation;
  • high blood pressure;
  • menopause, pre-menstrual syndrome.

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We offer counselling and psychological services for children, adolescents, adults, and families in Leduc and Devon. Click Here to read more

Are you feeling stuck in life, and need some help with change. Perhaps not sure what that change is? I have been working with individuals, couples and families for over 15 years helping them to make change(s)..not only is change possible, we often undermine the depth and extent to which we can change. Read more here.


Had the girls out to meet out 2 characters! Love the iinteraction One pooch had an issue that was addressed. Today I see no indications of it!! So cool. Highly recommend this team ! Beth Halliday Veldhuis

Miranda does amazing work not only on animals but on people too! Couldn’t believe how much better my wrist felt after a short reiki treatment with her! Taylor Ella Cunningham-Wall

here is my story . on Saturday my canary was leaving this world he is old about 13 , Miranda came over and gave him reiki and I still have him today . I don’t know why he is still here , but im glad he is Colleen Iwanicka Turner

My experience with Miranda was great! My dog has fears of thunder, gun shots, even if the house shifts or if the windows rattle from a strong wind. She would pace around, whine and cry. Since the reiki Abby has been much calmer and is sleeping through the night. I look forward to more reiki sessions in the future! Jeana Careless

It’s been a couple weeks now since we took our dog, Georgia, to see Miranda and Nicole. We’ve noticed some improvements in her nervousness of strangers since our session, she will now occasionally even seek attention from new people which is a great step for her. It was also very eye opening for us to learn about her past and it has helped us understand why certain situations and people give her anxiety. We now know how to better react to her stress and it was a great reminder to be patient with her. Miranda and Nicole are great people who very obviously care for the well being of animals. Georgia is often misunderstood by people because of her anxiety and her breed, but they were able to see the sweet and loving girl that she is, and that alone was worth giving Reiki a try. Heather A. Henry

Amazing work. Miranda and Nicole were in-tune with Smegs and helped him with clearing some negative emotional and physical energy. Plus, they showed me how I could use my recent Reiki training with him, and its built a stronger bond between Smegs and I. Thanks for your caring hearts and wonderful work with Smegs XOXOXO smile emoticon!!! Teena Garcia

I took my rescue Pitbull to these lovely ladies and after ONE session we have seen such an amazing change in our boy already. He has a sad and horrible past and these ladies have helped bring out his true loving, affectionate, and relaxed colors. He used to be on edge, nervous, and rarely at ease. There has been such a huge change in his level of happiness and content in the 3 nights since his session it amazes me! As recommended, we have changed his name to Gunnar, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything so far and we look forward to working with you more to overcome his horrifying past! ♡ Reche Watson

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