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When our loved ones, being animal or human, are having to go through some type of surgery, it can be very stressful for everyone involved. Feelings of fear and uncertainty and negative thoughts about the whole procedure and outcome can really make the while situation unfavorable for both owner and pet. But here is the success story of one of our clients….. Sam and his owner Betty.
Last fall, Sam had torn his ACL in his right hind leg. He was in a great deal of pain which was very hard on Sam physically, but also mentally and emotionally. The healthy, happy Sam was always busy running and playing and keeping guard of the property along with his dog mate Dakota; but that freedom was no more.
Sam was booked into a veterinarian to have the surgery done on his torn ACL. When the surgery day came, he was so scared; uncertain, confused and the whole situation was very hard on both him and his owner. He came out of surgery in a poor mental and emotional state; and soon…. physically.
A short time after the surgery Sam came to us for a Reiki Session. Sam had sessions with us before; but it was awhile since the last time we had seen him. During that session it was discovered that the whole surgery experience was a bad one. He was scared and confused going into the surgery and had an unfavorable incident when he was being prepped. The whole experience had placed a negative footprint into his mental and emotional state. With a couple of Reiki Sessions, he was able to let go of the troubling experience and to once again be himself. But shortly after, an unfortunate thing happened. The bands that were used to put his ACL back together, had torn; and now Sam was back to how he was before the surgery. Only now it was a little more daunting to him as he and everyone thought he was well on the road to recovery.
So, there was Sam, feeling defeated and not himself, having to be confined and was just plain miserable. His owner was so stressed about the whole thing and was undecided on what to do. She did not like seeing him in pain and being so unhappy. So, with some research she had found a different veterinarian that does the ACL procedure a bit differently and they guaranteed her that Sam would be back to himself in 3 to 4 weeks. So, the appointment was made and then the waiting came once again.
During that time Sam came back to us and had a couple more Reiki sessions before surgery. Through these sessions, not only was Sam able to have pain and stress relief, but he received a huge confidence boost to help with the fear associated to the previous bad experience. Through these pre – surgery Reiki sessions his owner now had a better understanding of what Sam was thinking and feeling, which helped her with how she would reassure Sam more effectively and help both of them face the day with more positivity, more confidence and less stress.
We advised Betty to take the start of surgery day slow and to stay calm like it was just any other day and try not to rush things to get to the veterinarian. Also to give Sam lots of reassurance and attention, and before loading up for the road to use some Lavender Essential Oils on Sam as these oils are very effective for stress relief and gives a calming effect on both dogs and people.
Sam went into the vet clinic that day with no problems. Betty was allowed to stay with him until he was taken into pre – op for prepping. He did very well during the surgery and all was good when he woke up too. Betty came to get him after the surgery and she noticed a huge difference in his attitude and mood then from the last surgery. He was so much better prepared mentally and emotionally for the dreadful day.
Now Sam is recovering and actually just had a post surgery check up and he went into it with no problems. He got to have his “cone of shame” (ha ha) taken off and the leg is healing very well. So far in this second time of recovering he is doing so much better than in the first. He is full of life and is much happier. Betty was able to cope much better this time and is doing well staying by Sam’s side while he recovers. Sam will be back to his normal self in a couple of weeks according to the vet. He will be back to running free out in the bush and pastures and playing with Dakota like he had always done before. 🙂

From Betty; Sam’s Owner:
“ I really believe that the sessions before the surgery made all the difference. Plus going through the healing I can see how an animal would get depressed. I marvel on how Reiki works and how Sam just loves it. This has helped me to know how he is feeling and the fears that he had. I was then able to change how we went about going into the surgery for the second time so it would be easier for both Sam and I. And now post surgery he is so happy. I can see it in his eyes. He is being such a good boy. Big difference from the last time! I am so glad he found you guys!”

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Betty MacRae
Betty MacRae Thanks for sharing Sam’s story. We can’t say thank you enough for all you do for our Sam. ( and me of course). ❤️❤️❤️
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